About Large Scale Complex IT Systems

lnetworkThis EPSRC funded initiative, which commenced in 2007 and terminated on 30th June 2013, was responsible for coordinating a national network of researchers with the skills and knowledge appropriate to dealing with the problems of current and future LSCITS across their life-cycles. 

The motivation for the LSCITS intitiative was the on-going growth in the size and complexity of information technology (IT) systems. Our ability to develop, maintain and manage such systems was falling behind the growth in their complexity. There was a high risk that we would find ourselves reliant on IT systems that we don't fully understand and that we cannot effectively manage.

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Engineering Doctorate EngD

engdThe Initiative's Training Programme was intended to produce the next generation of systems engineers and technology innovation leaders. The Training Programme started in April 2009, all available places have been filled and the last student is expected to graduate in 2015.

The main LSCITS grant closed on 30th June 2013.
The Cloud grant closes on 31st March 2014